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Welcome to Schmidt and Pearson Cambodia.

We offer business solutions in three key areas:

Business Consulting

Our unique approach to mentoring entrepreneurs and empowering them to grow their business in a sustained fashion is what separates our practice from the rest in Cambodia.

Outsourcing Services

The primary reason for outsourcing a specific business function is to reduce non-core business costs, giving the company the ability to focus its limited resources to other areas of its operations.

Digital Marketing

In today’s world, your online presence can significantly boost your business’ reputation, and can affect the way your market perceives your brand.

We ensure that our team is fully immersed in the ethos of your business, allowing it to grow and develop with our help. Please take the time to familiarize yourself with our site.

Our ‘Services’ section allows you to familiarize yourself with the three main branches of our core expertise: Business Consultancy, Digital Marketing and Outsourcing.

To book a FREE one-hour consultation in any one of our three fields, please fill out a contact form below.

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